RUCKSTERS custom-chinese-scooterRUCKSTERS™ Customs is a scooter shop that specializes in the Honda Ruckus/Zoomer. We offer a one-stop solution to all your Ruckus needs and provide personalized service. We maintain a wide range of unique inventory, offering consumers the latest & highest quality parts and competitive prices. In addition to selling Ruckus parts, we do custom fabrication, swap kits, installation, paint & body, frame mod, powder coating, anodizing, and mechanic service. The latest addition to our services is offering custom seats & handcrafted upholstery. We also manufacture rPRO, our very own line of parts & accessories. These are some of the things that make up our company, but our forte is building one-off scooters. (more…) Battlescooter Chinese-Scooters

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 In 2003 the General bought his first Ruckus and started the Battlescooter website.

 His goal was and still is to get people working on their own scooters and riding! Nothing can beat the joy and satisfaction of riding something you built with your own hands. Knowing that you not only worked on your bike but also had something to do with making (continue…)

TOTALRUCKUS Ruckus-scooter-chinese The biggest Honda Ruckus and Honda Metropolitan website on the internet, with all of the information you need to customize, mod and tune your scooter. Sell stuff that doesn’t fit in any of the other grand bazaar categories. TotalRuckus.com has gear and t-shirts for scooter fans of the Honda Ruckus, Honda Zoomer and the Honda Metropolitan.

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