GY6 Engine and Scooters

GY6, where can they found?  If you own a scooter that is not italian or a specific Japanese brand model that is four stroke, chances are you are likely using a GY6 motor. The motor sizes are commonly 50cc, 125cc, 150cc, and more recently 172cc but tagged “200” by the manufacturers. The most common GY6 motors are air-cooled four stroke engines and may either be from either China or Taiwan. SYM(Sanyang Motorcycle)KYMCOTGB (Taiwan Golden Bee)Genuine Scooter Company known for their Buddy scooter linePGO, and Adly are some of the most popular “Taiwan” brands and Chinese brands are limitless in quantity but LifanZnenZongshenBaotian, and Qingqi are more common bikes to be found on the roads. There are some US companies that have “tagged” chinese


GY6 Engine

scooters with their brand names and are often found for sale on websites and Craigslist. Some sellers do not have vehicles “titled” and do not always guarantee that they have the proper license in your state to sell the vehicle with plate registration. They instead only have the Certificate of Origin (COD). Make certain that sellers are licensed dealers or the used vehicle has been licensed with a license plate unless you intend to use the vehicle only for recreational purposes according to your state laws. Information on Wiki. 


There is very little “accurate” information regarding the origin of the GY6 Engine. Japanese motorcycle manufactures such as Yamaha, Honda, and Suzuki began to outsource scooters to Taiwanese manufactures in the 80’s. Although the designs were of Japanese origin, the assembly and manufacturing was outsourced to Taiwan just as many companies do to China today. Recent Japanese websites have identified the motor to be from Honda’s Spacy 125 JF04E motor. American websites seem to say otherwise.

Japanse Honda GY6 motor JF04E

Honda GY6

Honda GY6 125cc 150cc Honda Spacy

GY6 Honda distributed in Asia and Europe

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