Super SUNDAY 2013 Ruckus Rally

The final video of SCOOT TV Super Sunday 2013 Trilogy.
(To jump directly to the Ruckus Ride/Rally Hit right here at 3:50)
Super Sunday in SoCal was held at a new location this year & had everyone pretty much scattered about. Once we got going, it was a mass Ruckus street mob. DON’T THINK YOU WILL SEE THIS MANY RUCKUS EVER!!! Possible NEW Worlds Record (At least so far!) 201.5 Ruckus!!! + 88 other Scoots = 289 Riders! *WARNING This Vid Shakes Rattles & Rolls, If you GET easily dizzy, better not watch • Honest™ Music by Dj Garth, Copycat, Loo & Placido n Flying White Dots. Riding/Recording/Editing/Not Sleeping & Promotions by Honest Mike Productions©2013


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