GY6 Oil Change

Oil Change
It is easier to drain oil when motor is warm.

Use proper motor oil SAE 10W 30.

    1. Remove drain bolt to completely drain oil.
      gy6 oil change
    2. Disassemble the oil filter screen cover and take off the oil filter screen. Use high-pressure air to clean the filter screen. Wash with solvent and dry before reinstalling.
    3. Check o-ring for damage. Replace if  necessary.
    4. Assemble engine oil filter screen and filter screen cover.

      •Torsion value: 1.4kg-m 1300 ft lbs.
    5. Add assigned oil to determined volume.
      •Engine oil capacity: 0.8L
    6. Check for oil leaks.
    7. Run engine for 1-2 minutes at idle speed.
    8. Turn engine off and check oil level. Add oil if needed.

gy6 dip stick

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